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I Have ADHD Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

Emotions always lead to our actions. So…want to stop avoiding? Wish you could stop procrastinating? Sick of getting stuck on social media? The secret is to learn how to feel and process your negative emotion.


Also - we chat about the 3 types of emotions. Which ones are useful and which are indulgent. 


Mar 19, 2020

Shame is something that all of us with ADHD experience. It’s the feeling of contempt that we have for ourselves when we fail to meet our own expectations. And. It’s. Paralyzing. Here’s how you can experience shame and still get into action.  

Mar 17, 2020

During these uncertain times, I’m here. I’m sending love from Pennsylvania across the world to wherever you are. Here are some helpful tips on managing anxiety and staying sane.

Mar 10, 2020

Life is 50% positive emotion and 50% negative emotion. This means that when you feel awful, nothing has gone wrong…you’re normal. Want to stop procrastinating? Learn how to process and allow negative emotion.


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Mar 3, 2020

In this episode, ADHD coach Jessica Heimsoth chats with Kristen about the importance of managing our thoughts and FEELING our emotions. I wanted you to hear it from someone else...I'm not the only ADHD coach saying it! for info on coaching!